Units Available
The County

Our most popular unit, the County includes three toilets and two hand basins within the ladies, and one toilet, two urinals and one hand basins within the gents.

Length: 5.48m (18') (6.7m (22') including towing frame
Width: 2.34m (7'8")
Height: 2.90m (9'6")
Capacity: 300 guests (Wedding)
400 guests (Corporate Event)

The Sylvan

Where space may be at a premium, or for smaller events, we would recommend the Sylvan. For the ladies there are two toilets and one hand basins; for the gents, one toilet, one urinals and one hand basin.

Length: 4.26m (14') (5.48m (18') including towing frame)
Width: 2.34m (7'8")
Height: 2.90m (9'6")
Capacity: 200 guests (Wedding)
300 guests (Corporate Event)